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MaX Ibanez Power Chords Sampler Instrument

The tool “MaX Ibanez power chords” is created by a musician for musicians and, unlike many other virtual guitar instruments, does not require knowledge of the programmer to work with it. With this tool you can work quickly, comfortable and getting stunning results! This tool sounds unusually natural and musically! Despite these qualities, it requires only 50 MB!!! Hard disk space.


Artist32x32.png   Lead guitar demo produced by Max Dergunov (Maxi-Beat Studio)
  Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metall and all other music styles with a lead guitar parts.
Metronome32x32.png   BPM: ----
  Key: All
Used-Instruments32x32.png   Used Logic instruments: Sampler EXS 24
Features32x32_2.png   Special features: Power chords demo project included. Very easy to use. Natural sound. 4 round-robin layers on power chords. You have the opportunity to connect any guitar amplifier to our tool
Heavy-Metall-Genre.png   Articulation: Classic power chords; 2-Power chords with the fifth on the bottom; 3-Muted power chords – pick down; 4-Muted power chords – pick up; 5-Dead notes – pick down & up; 6-Slide up & down, slide down; 7-String noises.
Producer32x32_2.png   Produced by Maxim Dergunov
  DAW: Logic Pro 10.6.3+
  Vocal: ----

Tags: Audio News, Maxi-Beat Production, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro Sampler

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